Grab Bag 2.0

Start Date: 18/Jan/2021 5:00 ET


  • All bets are off in a furious Conquest match. A random god is assigned to everyone, but everyone starts the match with 100,000 gold. Spend your way to victory before the enemy can adapt!
  • Map: Conquest
  • Starting Cooldown Reduction:40%
  • Maximum Cooldown Reduction: 80%
  • Infinite Mana
  • Starting Level:3
  • Gods :All
  • Selection: Random
  • Game Mode: Season 7 Conquest

    Playable Gods:
    Agni Ah Muzen Cab Ah Puch Amaterasu Anhur Anubis Ao Kuang Aphrodite Apollo Arachne Ares Artemis Artio Athena Awilix Bacchus Bakasura Bastet Bellona Cabrakan Camazotz Cernunnos Chaac Chang'e Chiron Chronos Cu Chulainn Cupid Da Ji Erlang Shen Fafnir Fenrir Freya Ganesha Geb Guan Yu Hades He Bo Hel Hercules Hou Yi Hun Batz Isis Izanami Janus Jing Wei Kali Khepri Kukulkan Kumbhakarna Kuzenbo Loki Medusa Mercury Ne Zha Neith Nemesis Nike Nox Nu Wa Odin Osiris Poseidon Ra Raijin Rama Ratatoskr Ravana Scylla Serqet Skadi Sobek Sol Sun Wukong Susano Sylvanus Terra Thanatos The Morrigan Thor Thoth Tyr Ullr Vamana Vulcan Xbalanque Xing Tian Ymir Zeus Zhong Kui


    Duel Siege

    Start Date: 19/Jan/2021 5:00 ET

    Description: Take to the Siege map and try not to lose your lane because your teammate is busy defending theirs.

  • Map: Siege (2v2)
  • Gods: Owned
  • Selection: Blind Pick
  • Game Mode: Siege

    Max Player: 2

    All In Arena

    Start Date: 20/Jan/2021 5:00 ET

    Description: Take over the Arena with a random god and pockets full of gold.

    Game Mode: Season 7 Arena


    Start Date: 21/Jan/2021 5:00 ET


  • To battle everyone! Oh no, looks like someone didn’t connect. Wait, I guess some people took the day off because there’s only three people per team in this sped up conquest match.
  • Map: Conquest (3v3)
  • Increased XP and Gold Spooling
  • Gods: All
  • Selection: Blind Pick
  • Game Mode: Season 7 Conquest

    Max Player: 3